Candle Solitaire

$62 $90

A new unique, minimalist piece inspired by the luminous cracking of a volcano. Divided into three fascinating design elements, Candle Solitaire is a delightfully versatile, functional, and inspiring work of art.

Created by Czech designer Tomáš Vacek of Studio Vacek, Candle Solitaire incorporates a classic clean, and timeless style with a multitude of uses. Tomáš’s designs have been displayed in notable world exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan, New York, and Berlin.

The options are endless with Candle Solitaire: use it as a candle holder, a teapot warmer, an aroma lamp, as organic decor, or dream up other ways to enjoy it.

Nutrient rich
Small batch
Never tested on animals
Reusable + recyclable packaging

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