A Note From Our Founder

Growing up in Alaska, I spent a lot of time outdoors--skiing, camping, hiking and fishing. Back then, I didn’t realize how different my life was from the kids in the “lower 48.”  The harsh conditions during the frigid winters, and consistent sun with 20-plus hours of daylight in the summer, made for a lot of fun but required me to fiercely protect my skin.

The focus was always on nourishing my skin and protecting it from the elements with sunscreen and skincare. I remember my mom encouraging me to invest in skincare, not makeup. My path eventually led me to Taos, where I continue to deal with  harsh conditions, this time in the high Alpine desert of New Mexico, where protecting my skin is paramount in both the winter and summer months. 

I’ve been in the spa industry for over 15 years, as the steward of two hot springs resorts in northern New Mexico, and it’s always been important to me to use natural products that are not only beneficial to my skin but are also safe for the environment and sustainable for the planet. I feel a responsibility to protect the land and the waters I’ve been entrusted with, and also to the massage therapists and staff who interact so closely and consistently with these products. And, if I’m honest, I’m also a bit of a recovering skincare snob, so I need something that also delivers real results.

This is why I created Round Barn Apothecary (RBA)--to give people an affordable, luxurious skincare option that really works. I relied on my experience in the industry and the expertise of a talented chemist/formulator to create a line that was true to my commitment to the environment but also met my high standards of efficacy, with a focus on hydration, sun protection and repair. Your skin is your largest organ and I believe it should be nurtured.

Our aim at RBA is to help you get clear, youthful, glowing skin... naturally. Thank you for supporting us and our mission.

 -Jen Scott (founder)