“I was really pleased using your products for the first time! The Brightening Serum was my favorite product, I really felt a difference in the firmness and tone of my skin. I keep the luminous oil and the cucumber eye roll on with me at work when I need an extra pick me up. I am excited about the new body lotions. You can really feel a difference when you use materials allocated from the desert environment to treat desert - dry skin. ”
— Leah B

“I’m not one to fuss with my skin care routine and I have found RBA to be perfect for me. I just love the clean, pure and organic ingredients. Everything smells so wonderful. I truly enjoy the simplicity of your products! And the packaging is great too! Thank you!”
— Leyda A

“I am a huge fan of RBA! With aging skin I take my skincare seriously and these products are gentle, smell amazing and most importantly I can see a difference in my skin. I use the Brightening Cleanser and lotion daily and the Instant Facial Polish when I can feel it’s time to exfoliate. It leaves you with baby smooth skin. ”
— J. Hart

“I love the brightening serum! Power packed and fresh! Smells great and instantly effective.”
— Heidi G

“I am a chemically sensitive person with extremely sensitive skin. I can’t tolerate perfumes/fragrances or the standard “from a chemical factory in New Jersey” toxic sludge added to almost all skin care and cosmetic products. On a recent trip to Ojo Caliente Spa I took a risk and, for the first time ever, I had a facial—using RBA products (after carefully reading the ingredients listed). Amazingly both my face and my lungs did fine with these products. I can even use the “Luminous Moisturizer” without ill effects. I’m so happy to finally, at age 66, have skin care products I can use.”
— Shirley P

“I love my RBA products! I use the Quench Moisturizer as part of my nightly skin care routine and love how smooth my skin feels in the morning. The Brightening Cleanser and Brightening Moisturizer have truly made a difference in the tone of my skin in the short month I have been using them. I’m sold!”
— Lynne N

“Thoughts on my RBA Products: When I wash my face with Brightening Cleanse, I feel like I am rubbing just a little bit of heaven on my face. It’s creamy and silky and light - how can that be? And I love the “brightening serum/firming serum” combo - they feel good, they smell good and they work. As for the Quench Polishing Mask? I am addicted. I LOVE the smell, I love the feel and I love the results. For troublesome dry sports, the Luminous Oil has never let me know so far. Added bonus for using RBA products? I know they are not harming my body nor the environment in any way. That matters a great deal to me. I am one very happy, very satisfied customer.”
— Gina M

“I am completely hooked. I’m 55 years old, live in the high and dry desert and have tried countless face products! RBA is by far the best product I have ever used. It smells good, I can pronounce and know what every ingredient is when I read the labels. I give it as presents to all my girlfriends so they too can wallow in the creams and serums. Thank you RBA for making such a thoughtful line of skin care.”
— Romy Colonius

“As someone with rosacea, I was using so many prescription products that were harsh on my skin. I was looking for a change to natural products that would soothe and hydrate my sensitive skin. Alternating between the Luminous and Brightening cleanse washes, twice daily application of the Luminous moisturizer and once or twice a week applying the Luminous facial mask, has reduced the redness of my skin and the acne bumps caused by rosacea have visibly improved.”
— Katie Wannamaker

“I love all of the RBA products. At 72, the Brightening cleanser and the serums truly do brighten. The masks are so revitalizing and the eye repair wakes my eyes up. Overall I feel brightened, wide eyed and firm when I use these products. Thank you.”
— Mary M.

“I am closing in on age 50, and I have skin described as not too many wrinkles (due to very oily skin for all my life), mild rosacea, some age spots, only a zit from time to time. I have lived in Denver for 15+ years, and I see my skin changing and aging. I see some splotches here and there, and see more wrinkles. I want to improve my skin quality and health, and using natural ingredients is VERY important to me! I have been using RBA for several months. I have loved the Brightening Serum - the smell is divine! I reached out to Emily on email, and in response to my written description of my skin, she recommended the Soothing Polish and Luminous Oil. So my regimen is Brightening Serum in AM, Luminous Moisturizer w/ SPF in AM, then Luminous Oil in PM, and Soothing Polish once or twice weekly. I love the way my skin feels! I am very happy with the results...and I am very satisfied with your ingredients. Keep up the great work!”
— Denise

“I am so glad my sister told me about RBA. I love it, my face looks and feels cleaner. It is brighter and my complexion is getting more even. I love it! I can’t wait to try more products! Thank you RBA!”
— D’Anne

“I have enjoyed using your products. Since the weather is getting warmer the facial cleaner and scrub really keeps my skin oil free.”
— Marc S.

“I love the texture and smell of RBA products. A little goes a long way because the products have great spreadability.”
— Holly S.

“I feel so fortunate to recently have traveled to Santa Fe, and to have discovered your beautiful products at my resort (Sunrise Springs). I placed an order for some products, on your website, as soon as I returned home. Keep on doing lovely work.”
— Jessica B.

“I have been using RBA for about seven months now and I can without a doubt say that I have never had more beautiful skin. I am the type of person that was always on the look out for a skincare routine that is tailored to my skin type. I would get so caught up in all of the crazy ingredients that I would give up and go home empty handed. That is not the case with RBA! RBA takes the guesswork out of everything offering ingredients from nature that are not only good for our earth but also good for our skin. I have used many of the products but I am especially in love with the Purifying Cleanse for my oily and problematic skin. I rarely have breakouts since switching to this product and it gives me so much confidence to even be makeup free! I also really love using the Detoxifying Clay Mask and the Quench Polishing Mask. Using these products once a week have made my skin look renewed and nourished. I can’t wait to keep trying products because I know I will love each one!”
— Alexa N.

“I love your products so much! I’ve been using them for a while — the Luminous Oil and Brightening Serum cured my acne scars!”
— Mary Margaret Winchell

“The brightening cleanser feels like silk and smells divine too!”
— Andra Maddox