Countdown to Great Skin: Your NYE Pre and Post Skincare Ritual

Woman applying hydrating facial mask

You've survived the chaos of the holidays and now it's New Year's Eve. Whether you're partying hard or Netflixing harder, your skin probably needs some extra love. Let’s dive into a no-nonsense pre and post New Year's Eve skincare ritual that will have you glowing like you’ve got your life together (even if you don't).

Pre Party Prep:

Start with a gentle cleanser to wipe off the remnants of the day. Once you have a clean slate, it's time to exfoliate with a soothing polish. This process gently buffs away all of the dirt and debris that's more deeply embedded into the skin. Plus, it allows your other products to do their thing. Follow with a hydrating facial oil to nourish and give your skin that extra glow. Top it off with a brightening moisturizer. In the winter months, it's important to moisturize like your skin's life depends on it because, well, it does. You want your face to be luminous if you're going for a more minimal look but extra hydration also makes for a smooth canvas for the makeup masterpiece you may or may not be planning. If you struggle with dark circles or tired, puffy under-eyes, you can finish your ritual with a revitalizing eye serum.

Woman applying brightening facial serum

Post NYE Recovery Plan:

Again, you gotta start with a cleanser. A great option after a night of wearing a full makeup look is a detoxifying cleanse. Our Purifying Cleanse, formulated with activated charcoal, naturally lifts impurities without stripping away skin's moisture. Keep the detox theme going with a kaolin clay mask! Once you've cleansed, a naturally detoxifying clay mask helps to further purify skin. Restore with your favorite serum and finish with your favorite moisturizer. Pro tip: Add a few spritzes of a soothing or purifying mist to seal in your ritual - Your skin will thank you!

These minimal pre and post rituals are perfect for any date night or special event, so save this post for the future!

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