The Key to Hydrated, Happy Skin.

Whether you prefer a minimalist skincare ritual or you consider yourself a skincare snob, exfoliation is an important part of a well-rounded skincare ritual... but why? I'm glad you asked!

Using an exfoliating polish has always been one of my favorite skincare steps because it seems to instantly reset my skin, especially if it's been a few days since I last exfoliated or if I've been wearing heavy makeup. Massaging a gentle polish regularly on my skin (about 3 times a week) feels immediately refreshing, like I'm setting my skin back to square one. It's such a satisfying part of my skincare ritual to feel the rounded beads penetrating my skin and then rinsing away the dirt and debris from the past couple of days. I can always feel a difference in my skin afterwards, it's smoother and softer, but I wasn't exactly sure how it worked on my skin and I certainly wasn't aware of all of the added benefits until I did some research. So, without further ado, let's break it down!

Woman cleansing her face

Say Hello to Hydration

One of the biggest lessons I've learned on my skincare journey is that keeping skin hydrated and moisturized is the best way to not only prevent and diminish signs of aging, but it's also the best way to achieve and maintain a glowing, radiant complexion. Hydrated skin is happy, healthy skin! ...And did you know that one of the best ways to ensure your skin is hydrated is through exfoliation? Fun fact, hydrating ingredients (like hyaluronic acid, jojoba, and aloe vera) can only reach your skin if it's not blocked by dead skin particles. It's crucial to keep your skin barrier free of debris so it can soak in the hydrating, nourishing ingredients that keep your skin feeling and looking quenched.

Woman cleaning face with youthful skin

The Deepest Clean

There are several advantages to exfoliating your skin, no matter the season. The most talked about benefit being the fact that exfoliants, or polishes, penetrate the skin deeply to remove buildup, like dry, dead skin along with dirt and debris. This allows for a much deeper clean than you would get by simply cleansing. This also helps the other products you use, like your serums, masks, and moisturizers, to be their most effective! When the surface of your skin is smooth and dead skin is effectively removed, the nourishing ingredients of your other products are able to work their magic, allowing your skin to reap all the benefits. 

Woman exfoliating skin

Clogged Pores Be Gone

Ridding your skin of surface debris prevents all the bad stuff from eventually making its way to your pores and causing blockages in the form of pesky blackheads and whiteheads. (Two VERY common forms of skin issues that so many of us regularly deal with!) An exfoliating polish helps to stop these problems before they start, which makes it an incredibly beneficial step in your skincare ritual.

Woman polishing face in mirror

Boost your Circulation

Along with many other benefits, polishing internally cleanses by stimulating lymphatic drainage, which allows oxygen-rich blood to feed your skin's surface. Boosting your cellular health makes way for a glowing, luminous complexion!

Close up of glowing complexion

A Brighter You

I know how frustrating rough texture, sun, age, and dark spots, and hyperpigmentation can be! I've personally struggled with texture issues in the past, as my skin is on the super dry side... But here's the kicker, after several weeks of regularly exfoliating (and patience!), my skin's texture has not only significantly improved, it's become so much more even and bright. In addition to removing dry, dead skin, exfoliating helps to smooth skin's texture, revealing a more uniform and bright complexion. 


woman applying hydrating polish

Increase Your Cellular Turnover

"My what?!" If you're not familiar with this term, it may sound a bit scientific, but it basically means that polishing help to keep healthy, new skin cells at the surface, because it's removing dead, dry, and dying cells. Makes sense, right? The results are that glowing, dewy, baby-faced complexion we're all striving for. Sign me up, please!

Youthful, radiant skin

Your Acne-Fighting Bestie

We've talked about unclogging pores to prevent blackheads and whiteheads, so it makes perfect sense that exfoliating also helps to prevent acne. However, there's something important to keep in mind, don't use an exfoliating polish specifically to treat your acne. It's crucial to be extra gentle with your skin if acne is an issue. We recommend gently massaging our most non-abrasive Soothing Polish one to times per week. Remember, you know your skin best, so if you experience high sensitivity, reduce the frequency of use.

Exfoliating mask in hands

So Which Polish is Right For You?

Depending on your skin type, RBA has a polish that's right for youy specific skin type!

If you would categorize your skin as aging, combination or dry, try our 2-in-1 Quench Polishing Mask which combines the benefits of exfoliation along with a healing, herbal infusion of honey, calendula, and comfrey.

We also recommend our Instant Facial Polish for the previously mentioned skin types. This polish consists of naturally exfoliating diamond cut alumina crystals, also used in microdermabrasion, creating an intense exfoliating experience that transforms dry and dull skin. Perfect to use the night before a date night or a special event! (Because this is our most abrasive polish, we do not recommend it for those with sensitive skin.)

Our most gentle Soothing Mask is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive and acneic skin.

Remember, listen to your skin! If something feels irritating or extra sensitive, reduce frequency or discontinue use. Have questions about which products are ideal for your unique skincare concerns and goals? Take our FREE Skincare Consultation here!