Spring Skincare Tips: How to Transition your Skincare Ritual from Winter to Spring

After months of harsh, cold, winter weather, spring is on the horizon! (Thank goodness!) And though we've spent the last several months obsessing about adding moisture to our skincare ritual, our skin’s needs tend to change with the seasons. Here, we’re sharing our favorite tips on how to keep your skin happy, nourished, and glowing as we transition from winter to spring.
Switch to a lightweight moisturizer with SPF
In spring and summer, our skin tends to hold more water, making it less necessary to use heavy duty moisturizers. Opt for something more lightweight that delivers the hydration your skin needs, without feeling heavy or greasy, like our Luminous Moisturizer with an all natural SPF of 30. 
If you live in a dry place, try using a lightweight moisturizer in the day time and applying something a bit more hydrating, like our Quench Moisturizer, as a night cream to ensure your skin is getting the moisture it craves. 
Exfoliation is Key
The cold, dry winter can leave your skin feeling flaky and chapped. Buff away winter buildup with our most gentle Soothing Polish 3-5 times a week to reveal a glowing, polished complexion. Additionally, exfoliators allow your skin to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients from your masks, serums, and moisturizers, making them their most effective. 
Keep a Mist on Hand
A hydrating Mist is perfect for refreshing your skin throughout the warm, sunny days. Keep one in your bag, your car, your desk, or your cooler and instantly brighten, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin whenever it needs a quick pick me up.
Spring Clean your Shelfie
Haven’t used a product in the back of your skincare shelf since last year? It’s time to toss it. Often times we forget to clean out our makeup and beauty products that we don’t use regularly. However, this can lead to us holding on to products that may be well beyond their best before dates, which could lead to skin irritation and breakouts. Simplify your bathroom and protect your skin from potential irritation by weeding out older products. 
Protect your Eyes
You may not notice, but longer, sunnier days can take their toll on your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them. Protect them while you’re out in the sun with a big pair of sunnies and look oh-so-glamorous while you do it! 
Go the extra mile by using our Hyaluronic Acid-infused Revitalizing Eye Repair. Not only is it instantly refreshing (especially stored in the fridge) it naturally helps to soothe and smooth your skin while combating fine lines and wrinkles.  


Thanks so much for taking the time to read our Spring Skincare Tips and remember that even though these tips are generally effective, everyone’s skin is different. Make sure that no matter the season, you are in tune with what your skin is trying to tell you that it needs. And don’t forget to use SPF everyday! Happy spring!