Update your Skincare Ritual Just in Time for Fall 🍁

Cold weather is upon us and as the leaves and the temperatures change, so does your skin. Autumn and Winter months can be extra harsh on your skin with the dip in humidity, constant exposure to indoor heaters, and the increase in extra hot showers. Additionally, skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis tend to flare up more in the colder months. What’s a girl to do? Update your skincare ritual with a few key products to provide an extra dose of moisture all season long!

Fall Routine Tip #1: Moisturize

In the summer months, a more lightweight, daily moisturizer with SPF is ideal to keep skin hydrated without clogging pores, but in the winter, you’re going to need more. Opt for a rich, creamy moisturizer that seals in hydration and protects the skin’s natural barrier. We’re loving our luxurious Quench Moisturizer. This powerful combination of desert botanicals nourishes dry and parched skin at the cellular level yet is also gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and around the eye area.

Fall Routine Tip #2: Minimize Exfoliation

During the colder, drier months, it’s much easier for skin to become irritated and inflamed, so we recommend exfoliating once a week with a light, gentle polish. Our Soothing Polish naturally exfoliates skin with Jojoba beads while hydrating and providing nutrients for cellular repair, leaving skin quenched and silky smooth. This isn’t your grandmother’s polish!  

Fall Routine Tip #3: A Seriously Hydrating Mask

Now is a great time to add Hyaluronic Acid into your ritual. Why? Botanical hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water and delivers hydration deep beyond superficial layers. Our instantly hydrating Soothing Mask restores moisture, calms skin, and significantly reduces premature signs of aging with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin B. Soothe your skin from months of summer sun with our most hydrating mask. 

Fall Routine Tip #4: Serums

Add an extra boost of hydration with a serum (or three!). Serums are the foundation of a hydrating skincare routine and deliver a multi-vitamin pack deep within the skin so you can keep that summer glow all year long. Layer on our top-selling Luminous Oil which contains vitamins and minerals essential for healthy, hydrated skin. Containing the hydrating powerhouse ingredient Squalene, found naturally in many plants and animals, including human sebum, squalene makes up about 10-12% of your skin’s natural oils and is incredibly important when it comes to lubricating and protecting skin. If you’re experiencing extra dry skin, we recommend layering serums. Our founder, Jen Scott, swears by layering serums as that is the most efficient way to deliver nutrients in your routine. She recommends using our antioxidant-rich Brightening Serum, followed by our collagen-boosting Firming Serum, and lastly our hydrating (liquid gold in a bottle) Luminous Oil. Make sure to give your skin a minute or two to absorb each serum during the layering process.

Fall Routine Tip #5: Lotions & Crèmes

Step up your hydration game not only on your face, but your body too! Create a moisturizing barrier that protects and nourishes your skin with our Botanical Body Lotions and Crèmes. Apply these super hydrating products after you shower and before bed to lock in moisture and give your dry, cracked hands and feet the nourishing hydration they crave.

Fall Routine Tip #6: Listen to your Skin

You know your skin best! Your skin is always changing, no matter the season, and the best thing you can do is pay attention to what your skin is telling you. If something feels off, it probably is. Consult a professional if you consistently struggle with skin issues.

 Remember, none of our products contain gluten, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colorants or fragrances.