Empowering Clean Beauty: The Story Behind the Skincare

Growing up in Alaska, Jen Scott spent her long summer and cold winter days outside playing sports and keeping up with her brothers. There wasn't much time for dolls, dresses, and make-up, but skincare was always a priority because of the harsh conditions.

From an early age, her mom prioritized skincare over makeup. Mud masks were a weekly ritual Jen and her mom shared that she now does with her daughter, Lily. Her love of skincare turned into a career working in Spas in Mexico and later spending 20 years at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resorts in New Mexico.

Ojo Caliente Resort

Jen wore many hats at Ojo, from running various departments, including the spa, to designing every room and community space and the spas. In 2015, Jen was searching for a skincare line that resonated with both Ojo Caliente and Ojo Santa Fe spas... A line of products that not only delivered results, but was gentle on skin and the environment.

She sought a skincare line with clean, effective formulas, hydrating ingredients native to the Southwest, and exceptional customer service. When she couldn't find a company that fit all of this criteria, she decided to create her own.

Driven by her passion for clean beauty, Jen dedicated herself to researching the most effective, natural ingredients along with sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging. She collaborated with a female chemist to ensure that her formulations were safe, gentle, and highly effective and the rest is history!

Hydrating Skincare Products

The result? Our comprehensive skincare line that embodies Jen's vision. Each RBA product is thoughtfully crafted with high desert ingredients, carefully selected for their proven benefits along with their hydrating and nourishing properties. From cleansers and serums to moisturizers and masks, every RBA Skincare product promises to deliver visible results while remaining true to Jen's commitment to clean beauty.

Through RBA, Jen and her team seek to educate and inspire others to make informed choices about their skincare products. She believes that everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin and embrace self-care rituals that truly resonate with their values.