The Great Skincare Debate: When to Apply Facial Oil


Model with Facial Oil

Achieving a radiant and healthy complexion is a major skincare goal and incorporating key products like our top-selling Luminous Oil can take your glow game to the next level, but when exactly should you apply it? This question has been a hot topic in the skincare world that's often up for debate and the honest answer is, it depends! In this blog, we'll explore when and how to incorporate our jojoba-based Luminous Oil into your skincare ritual for maximum effectiveness and why this question is so highly debated.


Why the Debate?

All facial oils are different with distinct chemical structures, hence there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, It's a great rule of thumb to apply products from thinnest to thickest in order to lock in all the goodness from your previously applied products. Lighter oils (like our jojoba-based Luminous Oil) absorb into the skin more easily due to their molecular structure, while thicker consistencies (like creams) are designed to work on a surface level, creating a barrier to lock in moisture. We recommend applying a lighter oil before your moisturizer. However, if you're using a super lightweight moisturizer and a thicker facial oil, we would recommend applying the oil last.


Why Choose Hydrating Luminous Oil?

Created using natural ingredients, like jojoba, vitamin e, and orange blossom oil, our top-selling Luminous Oil is considered a more lightweight oil. But don't let this lightweight oil fool you! Our multi-functional Luminous oil works hard for your skin and has many benefits including hydrating and nourishing skin along with balancing your oil production Plus, it's great for all skin types - including oily and acneic skin! (Read more about that here.) 

When to Apply Hydrating Luminous Oil

  1. Morning or Evening: You can use our hydrating oil in both your morning and nighttime skincare ritual.

  2. After Cleansing and Exfoliating: Whether you have a more minimalistic ritual or an all-in, 7-step routine, you're going to want to apply your facial oil after most of your products. We recommend cleansing, exfoliating, masking, applying serums, and then going in with the Luminous Oil.

  3. Before Moisturizing: Follow our lightweight Luminous Oil with your favorite moisturizer to create a barrier that seals in nutrients and moisture.

  4. Adjust Quantity Based on Skin Type: While a few drops generally suffice, you can adjust the quantity of hydrating luminous oil based on your skin type. Dry skin may benefit from a slightly larger amount, while oily or combination skin may require just a few drops for lightweight hydration.

  5. Patting and Massaging: To ensure even distribution and absorption, gently pat and massage the oil into your skin using upward motions. This not only aids in absorption but also provides a soothing experience.

  6. Targeted Areas: If you have specific dry patches or areas that require extra attention, focus on those areas when applying Luminous Oil. This targeted approach will help provide extra nourishment where it's most needed.

  7. Multiple Ways to Use: This multi-functional oil can be applied on your cuticles and ends of hair to provide extra moisture and shine.