Summer Skincare 101

Did you know that sun exposure is one of the leading causes of visibly aging skin?

It's true! And with summer in full swing, your skin is most likely craving a little extra TLC. Here's a few of our favorite tips on how to keep your skin protected, happy, and glowing all season long!

Woman applying SPF

SPF is your BFF:

It can be hard to remember to apply and re-apply SPF everyday, but it's crucial when it comes to protecting your skin and preventing visible signs of aging. With our lightweight Luminous Moisturizer, you can save time and skip that extra step in your skincare ritual. Ocean minerals moisturize, while non nano zinc provides UV protection -- all in one, nourishing product!

Woman rinsing face in sink

Exfoliation is key:

Whether your skin is prone to breakouts or not, a gentle facial polish prevents acne from occurring while allowing your other skincare products to deeply penetrate the skin. Regular exfoliation effectively cleanses away dirt, oil, and sweat that may accumulate more often in warmer, more active months. Follow with our Detoxifying Clay Mask to naturally lift any impurities without over-drying.

Hydrating Facial Mists

Give your skin an instant refresh throughout the day:

Feeling a bit dried out after some fun in the sun? Try a hydrating product that you can use anytime, anywhere, like our refreshing mists! Keep one in your purse, beach bag, or car for easy access. 

woman smiling and touching her curly hair

Lighten up:

The hot, summer months can cause your skin to sweat... a lot. Add in a thick foundation and this is a recipe for pesky breakouts. Simplify your makeup ritual by opting for a tinted moisturizer, a bit of mascara, and a tinted lip balm (extra points if it's got SPF!) and keep it simple while embracing your natural glow.

Revitalizing Eye Serum

Eyes on the prize:

Because the skin around our eyes is thinner, it's even more sensitive to the sun and more susceptible to wrinkles. We recommend using a revitalizing eye serum twice a day to keep that delicate skin nourished and bright. Say bye bye to puffy eyes and hello to an instantly soothing step in your summer skincare ritual!

Woman Applying Lotion on Leg

Treat your body:

Lock in full-body moisture and treat yourself to smoother, healthier skin with a botanical body lotion that decongests pores, reduces blemishes, and calms skin with aloe vera. We love applying these lotions minutes after we shower to ensure our skin is moisturized and luminous all day long!